Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Calling all the mama bears and papa bears that have a lot of love to give! We’ve got the perfect pup for you.

Tigger is a scruffalicious little terrier who’s on a mission to make his dreams come true! Poor Tigger has only ever lived outside, so he is ready for some intense TLC. He’s dreamed his whole life of cuddle puddles, getting all the butt scratches his little heart desires, snoozing on a warm soft bed (or lap), and going on adventures! He just wants to feel like he’s a part of a family, and be included in all the fun. Despite his rough start, Tigger is still very optimistic, especially now that he’s at Muttville. He’s also smart and agile, and knows he has so much to offer if he’s given the chance. If you can’t wait to show this little guy the magic of love, fill out an application for Tigger today!


Tigger is a loving boys with lots of kisses! If he is taken out frequently to go potty he is a “one and done” kind of a guy. He loves sleeping in bed and sometimes under the covers, nice and warm. He can be fussy with food, but just find what he likes, and he’s good to go. He is also fine being left alone, not a single bark. He’s the perfect mutt looking for his perfect home.

Tigger is estimated to be 10 years young and weighs 14 lbs.

Tigger Tigger Tigger Tigger