Tic Tac

Tic Tac

3 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

What’s small, minty, and fits easily in your pocket? Our tiny chi Tic Tac! Although this Tic Tac can’t improve your breath, we can guarantee he will distract anyone who comes close enough to smell it. He’s just too cute to be ignored.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Tic Tac is shy when first meeting someone and sometimes he shakes but then he is very friendly. He likes to be held and rests his head on your shoulder and nuzzles against your face.

He is very outgoing and friendly with my dog (10 lb., 13 year old Chi/Terrier). He licks her face and tries to get her to play with him. In general, he seems much younger and energetic than a 12 year old dog. He runs around the house and likes to chase toys or soft balls when you throw them but doesn’t know how to retrieve. Sometimes he will bite the toy and carry it away, other times he just chases the toy every time you throw it but doesn’t grab it. He doesn’t know any tricks like “sit” or “come” but he dances on his hind legs whenever I offer him a treat.

He is extremely cuddly and likes to nestle in a blanket next to you. He likes to sleep under the covers at night (and I let him). He is very quiet all through the night. In the morning he is all excited and jumps around and licks my face and hands (it’s a very nice way to wake up). He likes to nap a lot during the day but also runs after me wherever I go in the house.

He is not housetrained. I think he could be but he will need a lot of patience, work and rewards. He follows my dog outside in my backyard and pees wherever she pees but he still has accidents inside.

He doesn’t really understand walking on a leash yet. Sometimes he runs forward, then he’ll stop and not want to move or he’ll backup very fast and do gymnastic turns and flips. So, he needs some training and encouragement with walking on a leash.

He has a good appetite. I have been feeding him Jeffrey’s Raw food and he loves it. He also loves soft treats.

He whines when left in a crate (but it’s not very loud or annoying). He hasn’t barked while I’ve had him. His voice is sort of low and quiet – not yappy.

We’re delighted to report that Tic Tac is currently in a loving and caring home!

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