Thin Mint

Thin Mint

16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Thin Mint is a gentleman of the doxie variety; a lengthy, well-appointed chap with the classic bells and whistles, including a long velvet snout, stubby legs, and luxury ear flaps. He also has a one-of-kind face that is both acutely handsome and appropriate for classic Greek theatre or possibly the circus. We are talking next level adorability in a sweet lap-dwelling pup who is great with dogs, cats and kids. Perfection comes to mind. Come see if you agree.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Thin Mint is the sweetest. He is very easy going, he likes to relax most of the time, he likes walks to the Golden Gate Park, he loves to sleep in my bed next to me, he loves going outside when it is sunny and sitting in the sun with his face up. He hasn’t had any accidents at home – he gets to go out 3 times a day.

He likes to follow me everywhere. He is a trickster too because he made me think he can’t walk up the steps and yesterday we were in the back yard and I had to run inside to get something…. as I turned around, there was Minty, upstairs next to me! He is trying to be patient with his new puppy friend who loves to lick him and tries to get him to play… Minty takes all the smooches with the smile on his face in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening but when it is time to go to sleep and the puppy wants to give him kisses, he can bark at him which is very cute!

I love having him around. He doesn’t need much: food, snuggles and lots of lots of lots of warm blankets and clothes and he is satisfied! He is just low maintenance doggy who is very appreciative of being taken care of.

I will send some pics in the next couple of days if he doesn’t get adopted on Friday. Also, if you want to include my notes in his profile, please feel free to correct any grammatical mistakes since English is not my first language.

Thin Mint is so obedient- unbelievable! He is just the sweetest guy! He has no problems moving around and can even jump on and off my bed and wags his tail all the time. He is cool doing anything as long as I am by his side – if I want to go for walks, he is up for it and is very good on the leash; if I want to snuggle, he will snuggle for as long as I want to! But the sweetest thing is that when he looks at me, he makes me feel so important and I feel like he is saying "you are my hero and his eyes show pure gratitude!!

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