Retriever, Yellow Labrador/Mix
67 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted


We love this girl so much – pure perfection she is.

Here is what her foster has to say:

Tessa is a typical, friendly Labrador mix-playful and social-and a senior dog in-name-only. She is 7 in the same way JLo is 52, and she seems to attract nearly as much attention as a lady about town. Speaking of which, she is quite unphased by the hustle and bustle of the city, despite likely being a country dog. Whether she’s encountering humans (big or small), other dogs, or even sidewalk dining, she remains very polite and approachable.

You can imagine she is a proper lady who can handle any social situation, from a day at the park to the salons and cocktail parties of the Pacific Heights elite. Still, she is a Lab (among other things), which means her hobbies are mostly focused on food and tennis balls. She is also as active as any adult Lab, happily going on 1+ mile walks through the hills of San Francisco. And if you are worried about whether she has a healthy appetite…don’t be.

Just know that she will also get comfortable at home quite quick, to the point where your furniture and your laps are all fair game for lounging on. She is also clearly potty trained, and accidents have not been a problem. She will readily do her business with a quick spin around the block if she needs to with no problem. As far a noise, I actually have yet to hear her bark at all, even in reaction to other dogs barking at her and aggressive doorbell ringing. The closest I’ve gotten are the little micro-borks in her doggie dreams. She definitely does that, with quite an active imagination.

Simply put, Tessa is a unicorn, and proof to us all that age is just a number!

We’re delighted to report that Tessa is currently in a loving and caring home!

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