15 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Tasha is the cutest little lady! She quickly has become a staff favorite at Muttville because of her perfect personality, and she is so brave!

This girl may be blind, but you literally would never know. She is so brave and well acclimated to the world around her. She loves to say hello to everyone and is so friendly and sweet. She does great with other dogs and enjoys their company. She still has some pep in her step and also loves snuggles. Tasha would make the perfect addition to any home. Even one with cats!!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Tasha is 100% tail powered. Once that thing gets wagging, it’s liable to keep on going forever. While she is blind, she doesn’t let that slow her spirit. She barrels into this world head first (so do yer best to protect her sweet noggin from sharp corners).

She is house trained and can make it thru the night like a champ and if the urge strikes her she’ll make sure to let you know with some gentle whines because she doesn’t like to raise her voice.

Speaking of her voice, she didn’t bark once for the few days she was with me. She has a very gentle demeanor and is happiest getting to lie in her bed near you or curled up next to you (just make sure you keep yer eye on her so she doesn’t accidentally take a tumble off the furniture).

She really enjoyed going for walks around my neighborhood. She gets going at a pretty good speed as long as you can lead her safely down the sidewalk (she needs to be watched like a hawk on her walks so she doesn’t run into stuff).

We’re delighted to report that Tasha is currently in a loving and caring home!

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