6 lbs (toy)
Est. age: 11 yrs
Status: Available

Teeny Tankini is the oblivious object of a fast-growing fan club so passionate that Taylor Swift will soon be jealous. A slip of a chi with not that many teeth, she doesn’t sing, but the girl can move. On tippy toes, with a little bob of the head, she’s got just enough shake and rattle to her roll to charm every person and dog, each of whom she will like very much. The pointy ears and crooked tail add something, but it’s the smile, spunk and fearlessness that take us to our knees. Seeing is believing. You gotta visit!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Tankini is potty trained! She goes pee right away once we get outside and hasn’t had a single accident in the house. We go outside 4 times a day. She likes short walks but takes it slow. She is friendly with people and other dogs on her walks.

Her favorite thing to do is sleep. She sleeps a LOT! As noted in her medical, she does appear to be deaf. I try to wake her up by putting my hand close to her face to let her sniff. She sleeps quietly in her doggie bed through the night. She sometimes whines if she wants attention but otherwise is not vocal and I haven’t heard her bark.

Tankini Tankini Tankini Tankini Tankini