Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie
9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Tandoori, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet! This lovely dog is a bundle of joy and kindness. Tandoori is always well-behaved and gets along great with everyone she meets. She’s friendly with people and other dogs, making her a perfect addition to any family.

Tandoori loves to play and cuddle, bringing happiness wherever she goes. Her gentle nature and loving heart make her a truly special friend. Whether you need a companion for a walk or a snuggle buddy on the couch, Tandoori is your girl.

Looking for a furry friend who is both sweet and good? Adopt Tandoori and let her fill your life with love and joy!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Tandoori aka Dory is the sweetest most loving little angel of a pup. She loves people and wants to be by your side at all times and bonus if she is getting lots of pets. She has the most expressive eyes which resemble a Disney or Muppet character.

Here’s what we have observed in the 2 days we have had her:

Potty-Trained – seems to be potty-trained & hasn’t had any accidents. Will let her out first thing upon waking up & then after breakfast, a few times during the day & before bedtime.

Appetite – normal appetite. Sometimes needs me to be close to finish her meal. While she has eaten some treats, doesn’t seem super food motivated.

Car – comfortable riding in the car

Dogs – is good with my pups, but prefers people.

Cats – would recommend a home without cats or dog-savvy cats.

Walking on leash – Loves to sniff & mark her territory. But sometimes would prefer to be carried, as she can be a little overwhelmed & needs a bit more confidence.

Sleep – has slept through the night both nights.

Vocal – haven’t heard her bark.

Tandoori Tandoori Tandoori Tandoori Tandoori Tandoori