Chihuahua, Short Coat
5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Teensy tiny Tamarin is a relatable little lady. She binges murder podcasts, reads the news dutifully but forgets all the details by the next day, and loves nothing more than snuggling up under a warm pile of blankets. (So be careful where you sit…) Tamarin would love to join a mellow, adults-only home filled with arms to hold her and faces to tell her how very much she is adored.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Tamarin has been with us for a couple of weeks now. It took her a couple of days to acclimate but now she is flourishing. When she sees us grab her harness and leash, she gets so excited. She loves taking her short little walks and has such a curious energy.

She gets along great with the other dogs in our home. She has a healthy appetite and, while it’s easier for her to eat soft foods she can handle a small piece of a not-too-hard chewy treat like chicken jerky, which we give her as a reward after a good walk.

She is thoroughly house trained and will do her business out on her walks or at home on a pee pad. She loves to sleep near us while we work during the day and then sits with us in our lap on the couch while we watch a movie together. She now knows what to do and where to go when we tell her, "go to bed at the end of the night and will sleep in a dog bed in our room. Tamarin will be a great addition to a loving home.

We’re delighted to report that Tamarin is currently in a loving and caring home!

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