Maltese/Poodle, Toy
5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Tagalong is a compact, crunchy little snack with a deep love of laps and butt scritches. He is smaller than most loaves of bread, and easily fits into any family and/or purse. What makes our Tagalong better than the peanut-buttery-Girl-Scout version? This little cookie you can have all year round.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Tagalong is an easygoing pup who enjoys a laid-back lifestyle. He is gentle, calm, and trusting. Tagalong enjoys companionship and attention but doesn’t demand it constantly.

During the day, you’ll find Tagalong curled up in his bed or basking in a sunny spot within eyeshot distance. He sleeps peacefully both day and night, undisturbed by most sounds. Tagalong has excellent awareness, hearing, and eyesight, and he chooses a peaceful environment over barking. You’ll only hear a bark when he encounters other dogs during neighborhood strolls (which he loves).

This well-mannered pup is fully house-trained and knows how to communicate when he needs to go out. He’ll patiently wait by the door, ready for his outdoor jaunt. When left alone, Tagalong may walk a lap around the room before settling in for a cozy nap, showing no signs of anxiety.

Tagalong is a cheery companion for a household looking to maintain a relaxed environment with loving energy.

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