5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Swiss, how are you so perfect? Cuddly, sweet and talk about cute! That little smile is irresistible!

This little guy is a genuine cuddlebug. Pick him and he’ll snuggle into the crook of your neck; he also adores lap sitting. Can you imagine a better lap sitting buddy? Swiss is very friendly with both people and other dogs and is an all around good guy chi.

Here is what his foster has to say!

This little guy is a master snoozer, but will happily scamper around when you come home or it’s meal time. After a few days of quiet observation, he was ready to snuggle if I made the first move. He is polite and self sufficient without any separation anxiety. At first I assumed he was a couch potato, but I gave him a chance and found out he enjoys walks. He is much faster than I expected too – even though his back end goes at a bit a tilt while his front half is straight. I’m not sure how far he wants to go yet, but he easily and happily makes it around the block. He can go for long periods between potty breaks and will patiently sit down and wait for me to finally realize he doesn’t need a late night potty break like my resident dog. We’ve only had one accident in the house that was my fault and he seems to be house trained.

He eats very well and sleeps through the night and well into the morning. Even then, it’s a quick potty break and then back for another snooze. He is too tiny for stairs, but is very comfortable being carried and light as a feather. Anyone who thinks chihuahuas are yappy and snappy will learn how wrong they are – we haven’t heard a peep out of him yet. He hasn’t reacted to our cat and is fine around the resident dogs and when seeing people on the street. He is a sweet and easygoing companion with minimal work and lots of love to give.

We’re delighted to report that Swiss is currently in a loving and caring home!

Swiss Swiss Swiss Swiss Swiss Swiss

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