Shih Tzu
19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Full disclosure: "Super is short for Superlative Cutetavious Bestboy III. His surfing buddies gave him the nickname back in the day and it stuck. He hasn’t been on a board in years, but he’s kept the tousled curls, sweet mellow vibe and sturdy physique. Also, he’s stoked! To meet you, to meet your friends, to meet their dogs, to hang, to walk, to take the stairs. Equal parts chill and cheerful, this little dude with a spectacular goatee is ready to go home and spread the love.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Super is a sweet, calm, gentle little guy. He loves to be near his person, whether we’re going for short walks, or napping next to my desk while I work. He gets a little sad sometimes when he is left alone, and we are working with him to help him feel more comfortable on his own.

Super has a good amount of energy, and while he isn’t a marathon runner, he does enjoy short walks and exploring the neighborhood. While on walks, he is sometimes curious about other dogs, but not at all reactive. He has done will in car rides and also enjoys riding in a stroller.

Super is a good eater and takes medication well in his food. He responds well to treats as a reward for being a good boy. He is pretty reliably house-trained and has staked out a corner of the yard where he prefers to do his business. I guess he likes his privacy.

Super can be a bit shy around new people, but warms up quickly and is very friendly. He is affectionate and enjoys pets and scritches. He will make a “super” companion or addition to a family.

Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super