Retriever, Flat-Coated
73 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Introducing Sundae, the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, a flat-coated retriever with a heart of pure treat. With all the tendencies of a Labrador, she’s smiling nonstop, never a bore. Sundae’s smile shines bright like the sun, spreading joy and laughter, oh what fun!

But wait, there’s more, her eyebrows, a perfect pair, salt and pepper, adding flair. She’s the perfect companion, always by your side, with Sundae, happiness is the ride. So, if you’re seeking a furry friend so true, adopt Sundae, she’s waiting for you. Adopt Sundae, and let her sweetness fill your days, in her loving embrace, find your happy ways!

Sundae is hospice due to the following medical conditions: Large mass within chest cavity and heart disease.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Introducing Sundae, the delightful senior foster dog! Sundae is a charming 12-year-old black retriever who wins hearts effortlessly with her gentle demeanor and loving nature. She’s a social butterfly, getting along famously with dogs of all sizes and breeds, making her the perfect companion for any furry friend.

Sundae is remarkably well-behaved; she’s potty trained and a breeze to travel with, making car rides enjoyable and stress-free. Don’t let her age fool you-Sundae is still quite active and agile, easily hopping onto the couch for snuggles and cuddles.Sundae’s favorite pastime? Being showered with affection!

She adores being petted, doted upon, and simply revels in the company of her beloved humans. With Sundae by your side, every day is filled with warmth, joy, and unwavering companionship.

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