Bichon Frise/Mix
16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Sullivan may have been an adventurer in his youth, wandering the streets in search of excitement and leftover pizza, but now he’s ready for the comforts of a warm, loving home. He’s one of the happiest guys we’ve ever met – with a perma-smile and perpetual tail wag that will cheer you up when your Netflix binges end. Because that’s the worst, right? Yes, it is, but you’ll have sweet Sullivan to help you deal.

Here’s what his foster has to say about him:

“Sullivan is the most chill dog I’ve ever met – he doesn’t bark, whine or otherwise make a peep, unless he’s meeting a new dog on a walk and then he’ll give a little cry of joy. He lets you cuddle him up and he’ll often find a way directly into your lap where he is content to lay for scritches and belly rubs.

He is house trained, though marking a bit right now as he’s been recently neutered, but no problem – he is happy to wear his belly bands and knows to go real potty outside. He’s got a healthy appetite, eats like a champ and loves his treatos!

Sullivan is also mostly blind, but you wouldn’t know it: within a few hours of being at our place, Sullivan can easily find his water bowl, learned to climb our carpeted stairs, knows the way to the pet relief area in our building, can find and hop into bed with you and otherwise doesn’t let his sight impairment slow him down. People we meet on walks are surprised to learn he has poor sight because he is so confident strutting down the street.

He is a lover of all dogs and people, and on walks he can sense other dogs passing and wants to stop to give them kisses, which he gives out to all people along the route. He’s actually got a ton of energy on walks and loves to sniff things, engage with the world and keeps a good pace. He’s great on a leash and can actually walk pretty far. It’s great to see him jump for joy when playing with our dog or others he meets along the way. As soon as gets inside though, he’ll find a comfy pile of blankets and just relax.

Sullivan would make an incredible addition to a home where he can be loved, maybe have another canine friend, get lots of pets and enjoy his life. He is not sound reactive and truly is just an easy going, sweetheart who loves dogs and people! Plus, he is great in the car! Just lies down and relaxes right away!"

We’re delighted to report that Sullivan is currently in a loving and caring home!

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