Terrier, Rat
16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Studebaker is one of our most handsome super seniors. He has a slow swagger that makes everyone swoon. His hobbies include leaning into pets, talking about the good ol’ days, and waiting patiently for treats.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Studebaker is such a lovely, chill guy who is winning our hearts! He’s extremely timid, so it takes time and a very, very gentle hand to get him to warm up to you. He’s an avid explorer, despite the fact that we believe he is hard of sight (possibly hard of hearing too, but definitely not deaf). He loves roaming around our yard and spent the first couple days in our home exploring every inch. Now that he knows the "lay of the land, he is getting much more comfortable to relax in his favorite spots in the house.

He loves the big, fluffy bed that we’ve given him (he had challenges positioning himself on a smaller bed due to his eyesight, so we swapped it out) and he also loves burrowing from time to time in the travel crate that we put out in the living room. I think he likes the security of being able to snooze in the crate when he wants to and we respect it as "his space when he goes in there. It took time for him to "warm up to pets and we’re still working on building his confidence, but he’s okay now with us gently rubbing his head, side belly or chest.

Whoever welcomes Studebaker into their home will also need to have patience with his house training. We’ve had some success watching his cues and taking him out right after he wakes up from a long nap, but generally he hasn’t quite "connected the dots yet and will need a patient adopter who can work with him on it!

Studebaker loves his food and has been very happy with the soft food diet we’ve had him on. He struggles with harder treats due to his dental, but loooooves thin sliced sandwich meat or a full spoon of peanut butter to lick. He isn’t interested in toys, but is very treat motivated. Even though he struggles with stairs, he does fine with the ramp into our backyard and enjoys walks without issue.

All in all, we think he’d be great with an adult adopter who can be very gentle and patient to open up his trust and work on his training. He’s such a sweet guy, so laid back and just deserves the best, most loving human to buddy up with!

We’re delighted to report that Studebaker is currently in a loving and caring home!

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