String Cheese

String Cheese

14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet String Cheese, the canine with the most adorable flippy ears, oh so keen! A mix with the charm that’s hard to beat. His tail’s a blur, never a pause, wagging with joy, following no laws. With a name like String Cheese, he’s a delight, a bundle of love that’s oh so bright. Those ears, oh my, they’re quite a sight, adding to his charm, pure dynamite!

String Cheese is ready to find a home, where love and cuddles endlessly roam. Adopt this fluffy friend and feel complete, with String Cheese, your happiness will be replete!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

String Cheese loves all dogs and people!

Walks confidently (off leash preferably ). As long as he can choose the direction of the walk he is happy. He uses his spidey sense to navigate with no trouble. So…walks at the park are his favorite and leash walks on the street are less preferred. I think the traffic noises confuse him.

He is not food possessive and has a soft mouth . Loves a bully stick to chew.

He is housebroken but we recommend a belly band in new situations until he figures out where and where not to go.

He runs warm, so sweaters are not recommended.

He does great in the car, it just takes him a minute to settle in comfortably.

String Cheese loves the other dogs and willingly engages in play. He also adores children! He is very confident despite his blindness and will walk about happily exploring!

We’re delighted to report that String Cheese is currently in a loving and caring home!

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