String Bean

String Bean

Miniature Pincher Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

If you’re looking for a special dog of all seasons, meet String Bean!

String Bean is an adorable Miniature Pinscher with beautiful brown fur and the most lovable floppy ears imaginable. Everything about String Bean just screams “love” and unlike other types of “string beans”, this little fur guy is always in season and he’s just ripe for the taking! String Bean is the perfect pooch for all times; he’s the beautiful seasonal change of spring, the love of summer, the quiet beauty of fall, and the year’s last lovely smile of winter. He’s your magical year round calendar; String Bean turns your Monday into Sunday and your Sundays into fun days! Who doesn’t want to fill their days with more fun … and love? Come by Muttville and meet String Bean today!

Here’s what String Bean’s foster has to say:

String Bean is a total love bug, a sweetheart of a dog! He loves to cuddle with us and sleep in bed with our 13 yo daughter (enjoying being held or burrowing under the covers if he can!). He is never aggressive and really loves people, taking rides in cars, etc. When we had a get together with about 30 or so people, he did wonderfully. He can be shy/timid especially at first and when walking outside often has his tail behind his legs. Thus, while is a good walker, he seems happiest never straying too far from our house and taking care of his needs nearby or in our backyard. He never has a problem on the leash with other dogs and actually is generally not very interested in them (or is just nervous). On weekends, when we are home more of the time, he does beautifully but if we are away too long during the weekdays he will occasionally have an accident. He rarely barks but sometimes he will wake up from sleep and make mewling noises, as if he’s had a nightmare – but he is quickly comforted. We truly have gotten attached to him and know he will make a terrific companion. He takes no medications and is a good eater (though a little picky). He is fine with stairs and seems younger than his age.


String Bean is the definition of love and affection. He is a rather simple guy that really doesn’t ask for much but cuddles and some yummy snacks. He gets along with just about anyone and just kind of minds his own business. As you can see he is VERY handsome and has been approached to start a modeling career by many of San Francisco’s top model scouts. Designers across the Bay Area are knocking on his door to model their latest fashions.

When String Bean is not busy being the handsomest boy on the block, he really just likes to hang with his human buddies and watch a little Bravo or the Discovery Channel. He will be the perfect companion and deserves the best golden years. Come and meet String Bean today and you will be loved forever!

xoxo Kelly

String Bean is estimated to be 10 years young and 17 pounds.

We’re delighted to report that String Bean is currently in a loving and caring home!

String Bean String Bean String Bean