6 lbs (small)
Est. age: 8 yrs
Status: Available for hospice adoption

How to Adopt

Stewart, a gorgeous chihuahua mix, runs a popular summer camp. In addition to supervising 57 counselors and junior counselors, Stewart can sing Boom Chicka Boom and make zoo animals out of toilet paper rolls. He enjoys handball, talent shows, and giggling in the dark. Even though he is surrounded by creaky bunkbeds and an over-chlorinated pool, Stewart would prefer to sit with you by the campfire.

Stewart is hospice due to the following medical conditions: Splenic haemangiosarcoma (very aggressive cancer).

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This little cutie is ready for anything. Do you want to go for a walk? Fantastic, so will he, with happy barking, bright eyes and a wagging tail as you get on your shoes. Time for another walk? Terrific, let’s do it again! And a third walk of the day – why yes, thank you, let’s go! And he’s a good little walker – a nice steady pace, but willing to wait if you need to chat with someone or another dog on the walk needs a sniffing stop. But if this needs to be a slower day at home, that’s fine too.

Stewart takes naps, sometimes taking a quick moment to come over for a scritch. If he needs to keep an eye on you, he’ll jump up to the back of the couch or a chair to get the best view. He sleeps soundly through the night on top of our bed (he wants company at night), is friendly with our resident dog and the people and dogs we meet on our walks, and gives the resident cat her space.

He’s no pushover though – if the resident dog barks at seeing someone from the front window, then Stewart provides excellent backup. He would be happy to be your one and only, and can also do just fine sharing his home with other dogs or cats. He’s a confident fellow and sure to bring lots of smiles everywhere that he goes.

Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart