Chihuahua/Terrier, Rat
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Today is the first day of the rest of Squiggy’s life, and he knows it. He might even embroider the sentiment onto a pillow for you!

Squiggy is so very nice, interested in people, friendly with dogs, and engaged with the world around him. What’s this? Who’s that? Would you care to pet me? He greets every day with his cheerful, energetic tail wag, wondering what adventures await him. We hope his next great adventure includes YOU.

A few notes from his foster:

Squiggy is quite the guy! The three adjectives I’d use to describe him are amusing, devoted, and oh-so-sweet!

He’s an excellent balance of energy and relaxing chill. He’s alert but also great at just taking it easy. He’s active and agile but also naps while I work and stays quiet most of the day.

Squiggy is quite devoted to his human. He shows so much admiration for people! He loves pets and is an A++ cuddler. If you stop petting Squiggy, he will place your hand back on him with his paws. Do not stop the pets! He loves people and attention. He does great with kids and is a perfect gentleman, asking for and accepting pets.

While Squiggy gets along well with other dogs, he’s probably best suited for success as a one-dog show in his forever home. He is so utterly devoted to his person that other dogs are simply ignored by Squiggy or given a little warning, guarding his person. Over a few days, this guarding behavior diminished to nothing, but he just wants someone to adore without any distractions.

He is a great walker – if you’re looking for a few miles a day with a capable companion, Squiggy’s your guy. He loves longer walks but would be fine if daily shorter walks were the limit.

Squiggy will need some proper leash training – he’s leash-reactive with passing dogs. He’s fine in pack walks with dogs he knows, but he’s got stranger danger when there is a dog across the sidewalk or the street. However, he’s an angel with other dogs when he is off-leash. Sometimes, he greets quickly out of excitement to say, “Hi friend!” which spawns some vocals in others and him.

He is 100% potty trained and has had no accidents in the house. He’s even started to go to the door when he needs to go out! He is treat-motivated and a good eater, showing no signs of resourcing guarding. He is agile, can use stairs, and jump onto furniture with no apparent mobility limitations.

Squiggy rides great in the car and will jump into the car even when you aren’t going anywhere! He’s got those “I go where you go” aspirations. He’s displayed some separation anxiety, manifesting as barking, but as the days pass, he spends less time letting you know you left him behind.

Overall, I think Squiggy’s ideal environment consists of an active solo person or couple who would love to have a devoted little guy to adore them, snuggle with, walk far or near, and who wants to be treated like the only person in the world from a 10-lb ball of love named Squiggy.

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