16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Do you need some chihuahua love in your life? Don’t we all? Spunky to the rescue! This creamy chi dreamboat is very friendly with both people and other dogs. Good boy! He’s also agile and has good leash manners, perfect for strolls around the neighborhood. The two of you are sure to make plenty of new friends on your jaunts on the town!

Here’s a note from his foster mom!

Though he may be Spunky on walks, this little gentleman is as chill as they come. He loves nothing better than to find a spot near you (in some sunshine if possible!), curl up, and snooze away the day. Fair warning, being such an excellent nap buddy means you might be doing some snoozing yourself!

Spunky is still learning how to be friends with other dogs and people while on a leash. Luckily, he’s very treat motivated and would do well with someone who can help guide him when he’s out in the world. He does best on walks where he doesn’t encounter too many strange dogs. But he is great on distance walks and will gladly go exploring in an open area park.

If you’re looking for a little shadow (who is house trained!), Spunky is your guy. Whatever you might be doing, he’ll follow along, and hope for a treat along the way! But don’t worry about leaving him on his own for a while, he’ll find a spot to curl up while you’re away, and greet you with a big smile and some serious tail wagging when you come home!

We’re delighted to report that Spunky is currently in a loving and caring home!

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