Retriever, Black Labrador
78 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Princess Sophie comes from a noble line of Labradors descended from the last of the St. John’s water dogs of Newfoundland. Her true identity must be kept secret, otherwise tech companies would probably steal her DNA to bring back the St. John’s water dog the way they are with the dodo and the mammoth. Sophie would prefer to live a simple life of walkies, sniffing around a yard, and taking sunbeam naps. Like any real princess, Sophie is polite, gentle, and potty trained.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Sophie was a little shy and timid when she first came to us, considering the sudden change in her life circumstances. Now that she has settled in, her personality is really starting to show! A typical loving lab with a very gentle personality.

We think she must have lived in a home with a yard as her only form of exercise because she is still learning about this whole leash-walking thing. She is active and loves going on walks with us, but sometimes she’ll get so enthusiastic that she pulls a bit-hold on tight!

Apart from this, she will settle down when you’re busy with chores. She’s observant and quickly understood our daily routine with regards to food time, walk time, relaxing time and play time!

She’s very calm, adjusting, and will patiently wait for her turn when it’s dinner time. She loves to eat her food without being overly food motivated. She gets along with other dogs at home and at the dog park. Fully house trained with zero accidents… I mean, that’s totally awesome!

Just an overall easy dog to have…! She’ll do great in any home, as long as she is loved, cared for and has companionship.

We’re delighted to report that Sophie is currently in a loving and caring home!

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