Terrier, Rat/Mix
11 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

This outdoorsy little snack is the perfect blend of low-key candy bar and fluffy marshmallow. What does that mean, you ask? We don’t know, but S’mores is perfect either way! Handsome and tiny, this sweet boy is in need of someone to provide snuggles and TLC. And he’d like for you to know that he goes great with peanut butter if you have any!

Here are some updated notes from his foster :)

Sweet little Smores is such a good dog! After having him for about a month, here is what we have learned:

-People & Kids: Smores was timid when he came to us but now happily walks up to adults on our walks for pets. He is a gentle old man who has a soft approach and prefers snuggling over playtime. He spent time with a 4 and 5 year old over thanksgiving and preferred to look at them from a distance. He could do well in a home with older children who can respect that he is a mellow little guy, and high energy playing or roughhousing would not be enjoyable for him. He would do best in a chill, quiet home where he can nap and cuddle most of the day.

-Other Dogs: Smores has really taken a liking to our small senior dog and regularly cuddles with him. He has spent time with both large and small dogs and happily coexists with other senior/calm tempered dogs. He would make a great addition for someone with another senior dog already in the home and I’m sure he would love having another dog to snuggle with.

-House manners: Smores has good house manners. He is quiet and only lets out a bark or two while you are preparing his food. He knows outside means “bathroom time” and goes quickly when you take him. While he prefers to be with his people, he doesn’t seem to mind being left alone for short periods of time (our doggy cam shows he usually just sleeps). Twice he has visited my parents and they were shocked this well behaved man hadn’t found a home (“he’s so easy!”).

-Normal routine: Smores makes a great work from home buddy and loves to snooze on the couch next to me while I work. He sleeps in his dog bed with a blanket on the floor of our room at night (but would LOVE to sleep in bed with you if you let him) and generally wakes up around 7/8am to go out. After his walk and breakfast he snuggles himself up in a blanket on our couch and takes another snooze. We do not have a yard so we take him on walks/potty breaks 4 to 5 times a day (at least 7/8am, noon, 4/5pm, 10pm). He LOVES his blankets & his favorite thing is to burrow into them & snooze. He is a gentle, easy going little guy who wants nothing more than a soft spot on your couch, a few treats and a forever family to cuddle with.

We have loved fostering him, he is truly a special boy.

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