7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Not noted for his slowness and has never hung upside down from tree branches, this Sloth is completely mobile and gets around just fine with his four paws planted on the ground. Sloth is a super friendly terrier mix who promises to always greet you with an excited tail wag and a sniff every time you come into the room. Your presence is just what this sweet boy needs to be the most happy! You’ll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Sloth is an adorable little buddy that wants to be with his people, he is inquisitive, agile and loves everyone! We brought him home and he popped up our stairs with ease, and immediately took to the dog stairs we have up to our bed.

He and our 40lb resident mutt are enjoying the rainy days together lounging, however he is also ready for a nice walk as well! We go walk at the park and he has a real pep in his step!

He settles in and snuggles with us all night. I think that he could sleep in his own dog bed with some practice, but he was definitely happy to snuggle in with us and our senior pup. He is ready to snuggle in anywhere, the perfect lap dog!

Sloth also loves his snacks and meals, for a 7 lb dog he has a very healthy appetite! If you are looking for a best friend to join you for your daily stroll, run errands with and then Netflix and chill, he’s the dog for you! He’s truly such a sweetheart, and has all of the love to give

Meet Sloth!
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