Slim Charles

Slim Charles

9 lbs (small)
Est. age: 13 yrs
Status: Available

Forget Slim Jim, have you met Slim Charles?! Slim Charles is an adorable and petite chihuahua with a heart full of joy! This little guy is always wagging his tail and loves to be the center of attention. Charles is very social and chatty, always ready to greet new friends with a bark and a wag. His cheerful personality and endless energy make him a delightful companion. Slim Charles is looking for a forever home where he can share his happiness and become someone’s perfect best friend. Adopt Slim Charles today and let this tiny bundle of joy bring endless love and laughter into your life!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Slim Charles is doing great! He is a very sweet and snuggly dog who loves both a night in on the couch, or a night out with other friends and dogs! He is very social and always wants to stop to say hi to people and other pups. Prefers smaller pups his size. Sometimes will bark at larger dogs when they are in his personal space, but has never actually touched any other dog. He seems okay with kids so far. We have not introduced him to a cat.

His energy level definitely varies throughout the day – sometimes he just wants to nap, and other times he is racing around the house. He does well with moderate length walks at his own pace every few hours. His legs aren’t as good as they used to be, which slows him down a little bit, but definitely does not stop him! He can go up and down a couple small (half height) steps. Cannot go up and down a regular flight of stairs. Does not mind being carried and tolerates rides in the backpack well.

We think he is house trained, but other than that, does not know any commands. We think he’s starting to learn his name (we are just calling him Charles for short), and I think he understands when I say "good boy and "no. He’s been liking a bone/treat I got for him. So far, he hasn’t liked other balls and toys I’ve tried with him, but we haven’t tried that many. Good with riding in the car, especially when he can sit on someone’s lap.

Overall, he really likes to be with his people and will follow us around the house always. But he is okay alone for a few hours in the house on his own too.

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