19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Skyfall is a scrumptious country loaf of a chi whose cuteness goes from zero to 60 as soon as you get a load of the short legs and dainty feet beneath all that lightly browned goodness. (Don’t get us started on her big brown peepers and winning smile.) She’s low to the ground but high on life, taking time to smell the flowers as she makes friends with dogs and people at home and abroad. Looking for a zaftig sweetie with quintessential roundness and a penchant for napping? Come and get her!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Skyfall took about a day and a half to start warming up, and while she was getting to know me, she just quietly followed me around. She also immediately curled up in her bed or blanket and kept pretty low key.

Once she got more comfortable, she got more animated in her low-key way. The adorable wag of her curly tail is definitely how you know she is happy and excited, which can happen when she wakes up, when she knows she’s about to go for a walk, or when she sees another dog coming her way (she LOVES saying hello to other dogs!).

She is potty trained and is a perfect on the leash. She loves good pets and scratches but also loves her down time with naps throughout the day. She is definitely a sweet girl who you can tell has been loved and is ready for more.

I am sure you all already know but her breathe is a little stinky, which is probably a result of her need for dental surgery. Keep me posted on plans for her dental and any adoption events coming up.

Skyfall Skyfall Skyfall Skyfall