6 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Introducing Shuffle, a little canine waltz of sweetness! A petite companion with a heart so neat, she’s a tiny delight, oh, what a treat. Shuffle is as nice as can be, spreading warmth and love, it’s easy to see.

A tiny little cheese, oh, how she pleases, with a charm that never ceases. In a world so grand, she’s kind of perfect, with a personality so sweet, you’d never suspect. So, adopt Shuffle, the little ball of grace, bring her home, and let her tiny paws leave a joyful trace!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Shuffle could be re-named "Scramble because she is a girl on the GO! She has a "game-on spirit which is quite delightful. Shuffle is doing very well. She is relaxing and starting to look for cuddles and affection. She eats, sleeps and potties with ease. She is very easy to care for.

Shuffle is a chow hound which is good, because she could use a bit more weight. She eats quickly and takes her meds in there without a care. I have been giving her a snack at mid-day and she seems to like this. She is also treat motivated and she will follow you and come when called in case there is a treat at the end.

I’ve never heard her bark. She is mildly curious about my cat, but not too interested. No problems there. She has greeted dogs with some caution but no problems. She is really good about going outside. I take her out every couple of hours.

She curls up at bedtime and sleeps through the night. I wake her up around 6:30 for a morning pee, but she would sleep in later that that. She has a good amount of energy, she can take a long walk and be ready for more. She walks well on the leash. She climbs stairs easily. She seems to be looking for adventure.

She seems to sleep when left alone. No signs of separation anxiety. She is happy when you return. In the car she seems nervous at first, but then she calms down. Loud noises don’t seem to upset her.

Shuffle is settling in very well. She is getting along with my cat and my daughter’s 70# dog. She can climb stairs, but sometimes stumbles because she tries to scamper up them too fast. She is warming up to head and ear scratches. She seems to favor my 6’4" husband. As soon as he comes home, she follows him all over. She sleeps through the night without potty accidents.

Shuffle is a lively girl who enjoys a head scratch or a chin scratch. I think she will become more affectionate with time, because she will follow you around and want to be near you. It seems like she just needs time to settle. She is a quick learner and wants to please. I think she would do very well in a variety of settings with people who will let her unfold at her own pace.
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