5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Shimmer is a wee slice of chihuahua perfection! Delicate and oh so pretty, Shimmer is a prancy girl who’ll dance on her hind legs for attention. And she looks amazing in pink and tulle. Shimmer is also very friendly and adventurous. She enjoyed exploring HQ, getting up on her hind legs to peer into open drawers. Curious, cute and sociable? Does it get any better than that?

Here’s a note from her foster:

Shimmer is so sweet. She is the perfect companion who you can take with you on any and every adventure because, while she only takes short walks, she’ll happily curl up in a sling or carrier.

We had a few potty accidents while we were establishing a routine and learned to read her cues so this isn’t an issue any more. However, since we still have the occasional accident she might do best in a home with direct access to a yard. She also loves to lie outside in the sun.

She sleeps through the night (occasionally she’ll let you know if she needs to go out) and she loves to snuggle up with you.

Shimmer is an incredibly patient dog with children, however I think she’d love to be a home without younger children and in a home where she won’t be left alone for long periods of time.

She gets on well with other animals although larger dogs can intimidate her.

We’re delighted to report that Shimmer is currently in a loving and caring home!

Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer

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