Terrier, West Highland White Westie/Mix
10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Sherpa is full of energy and curiosity! If you are in outdoorsy kind of person then Sherpa is absolutely the guy for you! He spends his mornings sprawled out by the fireplace pondering his next adventure. One of the many things on his to do is to climb Mt. Everest and hang out with some penguins in Antarctica. Let’s be real.. who doesn’t love penguins? He will entertain you with his cute bouncy white ears and his fluffy little Westie face while doing aerobatics around the house. He is quite the kung-fu panda! When adventure time is over for the day he enjoys cuddling up on the sofa and receiving all the free belly rubs he can get. Sherpa is the most perfect boy who is well behaved in all things dog related.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

I know your first question is probably about his name. I quickly figured that out when I took him for his first walk. When he’s outside, he has boundless energy and curiosity, and just wants to take his owner on adventures (while his little ears bounce up and down). Luckily, as soon as he gets inside, he knows it’s time to relax – he just wants to hang out, cuddle and be your pal. Possibly on your lap, almost certainly while receiving belly rubs.

He is otherwise a pretty funny looking little guy. He has a pure Westie head (with pure Westie fluff), but on a much taller body, so he’s also quite athletic! He is definitely a little ninja, able to hop on chairs and couches with ease, though not in any way that’s caused trouble so far.

Overall, his home manners are basically perfect. He is housetrained and doesn’t bark at all. I’ve experimented with leaving him home for an hour or two at a time so far, and I can see on my doggie spy cam that he quickly settles down and hangs out when I’m away. That’s extremely rare. He seems friendly with everybody and every creature.

Basically, no matter what kind of dog you’re looking for, you almost have to consider Sherpa. He’s fun, he’s chill, he’s friendly, he’s polite and he certainly doesn’t show his age!

We’re delighted to report that Sherpa is currently in a loving and caring home!

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