Sergeant Pepper

Sergeant Pepper

Terrier, Pit Bull/Retriever, Black Labrador
57 lbs (large)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available for hospice adoption

How to Adopt

Sergeant Pepper is 100% genuine good boy!

You’ll be smitten by his charming head tilt and big smile. Sergeant Pepper’s goofy and sweet self is completely huggable and lovable. We’re all happy to join his one and only good dog band!

This big guy would do best in a home without stairs.

Sgt Pepper is hospice due to arthritis and mobility issues.

Here’s what his foster mom has to say!

Sergeant Pepper is a wonderful dog! He loves people, doesn’t bark too much, is always good natured, gets along with other dogs (we have another older dog), and is always up for a snuggle or a snack.

He loves being around people and definitely follows us around the house, just wanting healthy love and attention. His back legs are a little weak so you don’t have to worry about him jumping up on the furniture. But he’s actually quite healthy and loves going out on walks and getting exercise. He’s a sound sleeper which is nice – he sleeps through the night.

Sergeant Pepper Sergeant Pepper Sergeant Pepper Sergeant Pepper Sergeant Pepper

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