Retriever, Yellow Labrador/Pug
38 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Meet the perfect mutt, Sequoia. Not too big, not to small, this optimally-sized medium doggo is a happy girl who loves to show off her tail wags. She has friendly and expressive eyes, and a passion for knitting. Her favorite color is whatever color you’re wearing. And yes, she would love to go on a walk with you!

Here’s what her foster has to say:

Sequoia is literally the sweetest little pup on the planet.

She is already my little shadow, following me around as soon as I get up to move and laying by me no matter what I’m doing. She is so sweet, friendly, and loving, and she really loves snuggles. Like, is a super star snuggler!! There is no such thing as a close enough snuggle, and she’ll always try to scooch in even closer. She loves head/face scratches and pets, and honestly just pets in general. Her tail is constantly wagging and she seems so happy.

She is leash trained and pretty calm on our walks. Just likes sniffing and exploring. She hasn’t shown too much interest in other dogs when they pass by. She’s really well behaved outside and doesn’t tug or pull when we walk, and she will be good and hang out next to you as you wait to cross the road.

She is really good at the potty training and she will sleep through the night without using the bathroom.

She responds to "sit (and likes treats for doing so lol), "come, and "down/finger snaps when on furniture already.

She is very quiet and doesn’t bark.

I think she’d do really well with someone who wants a true companion. She has a lot of love to give!

She’s also good at socializing with other humans. She came to dinner with me and a girl friend last night and we sat outside, and she was happy as a clam going between sitting by me and sitting by the guys at the table next to us. She also loves pets from strangers and overall is pretty easygoing. I’m excited to see how she does playing with other dogs, once the meds/iso period are up!

She’s an overall wonderful girl!!

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