Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President

4 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Meet Senior Vice President, a tiny Chihuahua with punches of cuteness and spice! Packed with attitude, he’s a little dynamite, full of snuggles that feel just right. Look at him go, so small and neat, keyboard-sized, isn’t that sweet?

With punches of charm and a sprinkle of sass, Senior Vice President is a tiny, delightful mass. Oh my goodness, he’s such a sight, cute and spicy, morning and night. A little leader in a petite frame, with a heart so warm, you’ll remember his name.

Adopt Senior Vice President, the tiny sensation, and add a dash of spice to your daily equation. In a small package, there’s a world of love, waiting for you to rise above!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

SVP is doing well. He is just about potty trained. He likes to be held, pet, and even kissed but always on his own terms. He will come to us and paw at our legs to let us know he’s in the mood for love. He spends much of the day burrowed on the couch while I work in the office. He doesn’t seem to care when I come and go.

He doesn’t want to sleep in our bed. He has a bed on the floor and he gets mad when we take too long to tuck him in but he stays there all night. In the morning, he’s very excited to see us and he uses the dog stairs to get on our bed for morning greetings.

He has become territorial of my lap when he does feel like sitting with me and he would like to stop the other dogs from coming near me but I don’t allow it and he works through those feelings.

He’s fearful of dogs that don’t live with us. Can’t blame him. Everyone is so much bigger than him.

We’re delighted to report that Senior Vice President is currently in a loving and caring home!

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