Terrier, Cairn/Mix
19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Occasionally dogs sneak into Muttville with a fake ID. We aren’t pointing any fingers, but someone acts quite puppy-like for a senior, and his name rhymes with fluffy. If you’ve been on the hunt for the fountain of youth, Scruffy might just know the way. We’ll follow you anywhere, Scruffy!

Here is what his foster has to say:

Scruffy is a laid-back, easy, happy guy, adorable and ready to adore his people. He is polite – never pushy with people or dogs, though not afraid either. He is affectionate – loves to get pats and sometimes will snuggle. He will stay nearby but doesn’t have to be on top of you. And yes, he is as handsome as could be. Those soulful eyes can melt your heart.

He’s mostly calm and relaxed, though he’ll get bursts of energy in the house sometimes, running around with a toy – though dropping it just as quickly. He is confident, ready to explore and expecting that every human is a friend. He seems to be housetrained and sleeps through the night (and isn’t even that eager to go out first thing in the morning).

He doesn’t beg for walks but when he goes he GOES. He wants to run and explore. His weakest point is he pulls a lot on leash, going every which way – seems like he has never learned to walk on a leash. But I bet he can learn. Mostly he likes hanging around the house watching the action – or watching the inaction – he is fine with naps & chilling.

He isn’t interested all that much in other dogs – always polite with others, waiting his turn for pats or treats.

He is lovely to have around – a warm and positive presence wherever he goes.

We’re delighted to report that Scruffy is currently in a loving and caring home!

Watch Scruffy in action!
Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy Scruffy