17 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Introducing a very sweet and peppy mutt named Scribbles who definitely has that good hair! What’s so good about it you ask? Well, because he is a Schnauzer Terrier mix he looks as if he just stepped out of the shower and let his curls dry naturally. He is one groovy looking stud muffin. Not only does Scribbles take pride in regards to his luxurious locks, but he also cares about getting the perfect amount of Vitamin D in his life. Scribbles enjoys sunning himself wherever and whenever he can. He doesn’t mind a nice long snooze on the patio or even a long walk around the neighborhood. He can walk with ease and can do stairs with a bit of guidance. If you need some motivation to get out of the house and start working on your bikini body, Scribbles is just the man for you!

Here are some notes from his foster-

Scribbles is one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet. His favorite thing is cuddling and he LOVES to be on my lap (or snuggled up right next to me). He likes to be pet and he’s good with being picked up and carried around. He also likes dog beds, so when I’m working during the day I can usually find him curled up in one of the many beds we have laying around the house. He has a sweet demeanor and gets along with everyone he meets (both people and other dogs!).

Although Scribbles loves to cuddle and nap, he also still has a bit of pep for an older gentleman. He goes on walks with my other dogs and keeps up with no problem. For me, he’s kind of the best of both worlds – he’s mellow and mostly naps when he’s in the house, but he still likes to go out on walks and is up for adventures. He’s also good in the car and is house trained, which is a nice bonus!

We’re delighted to report that Scribbles is currently in a loving and caring home!

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