Terrier, Jack Russell/Terrier
24 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Is your dog just a pet? Or is she your child, your best friend, and your bathroom-visit supervisor all in one, fluffy package? From her pointy, scruffy ears, to her soulful eyes, Scooter is your future everything. She might be feeling a bit timid right now, but she warms up quickly and is guaranteed to be your tiny shadow in no time.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

The consensus is in: Scooter is a good girl. Everyone who meets her agrees. Unfortunately, my own fur-babies haven’t learned any of Scooter’s good habits, but as they might say in France: “That’s a ‘vous’ problem’.” Scooter is really easy to love. She’s so cute when she knows she’s about to taken out for a walk. When out, she does her business quickly. She’s very gentle and very quiet. I’ve hardly heard a peep out of her, except some soft howling at the dog park and a little whimpering at home in the beginning.

Getting back to Scooter’s good habits, behaviorally, she’s pretty perfect. She is housebroken. She isn’t destructive. She doesn’t eat grass, dirt, rocks, wood, poop, etc. She gets along with my other dogs and also my cats. She gets along with the dogs at the dog park and doesn’t have leash aggression when meeting dogs on the street. She walks well on leash – no pulling or lagging. Scooter isn’t a chowhound. She will accept treats, when offered, but doesn’t stare or nudge or beg for food. She isn’t food-aggressive and stops eating when she’s full. If you have other dogs, you’ll actually have to make sure that they don’t steal her food because she won’t put up a fight if they encroach upon her food.

Scooter has a bit of an independent side. Some fosters stick to me like glue, and I trust them in off-leash areas like Fort Funston. While I can tell that Scooter really likes me, I am not yet ready to take her to Fort Funston. Scooter has some pep in her step, and if you take your eyes off her for a minute, you might be surprised at how far she wanders off. Then if you run after her, she might think you’re playing and start running faster. This is in no way saying that Scooter is an escape-artist or a runaway. She’s very loving, maybe just a little too used to being on her own.

Scooter’s skin might look a little rough right now, but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Looks worse than it probably feels to her. She doesn’t itch, scratch, lick, or chew on herself. Give it some time, and I’m sure it’ll be fine. With a lot of TLC and a little patience, Scooter will surely be back to her old self. And if not, like I said, it doesn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. In the meantime, Scooter has a whole wardrobe to keep her both warm and in vogue.

Whoever is lucky enough to have Scooter as their forever fur-baby will get a fun, loving, and fun-loving friend.

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