Pointer, English/Beagle
29 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Sapphire is a gem of a pooch! She’s so pretty with her pointer markings, sparkling eyes and happy smile. And that smile is no lie: Sapphire is a happy go lucky lady who really enjoys life, making friends and spreading joy wherever she goes. Sapphire enjoys the company of other dogs so might be a good choice for a family with dog siblings.

Here’s a note from her foster!

As Sapphire has become more comfortable in my home she is showing more of her cuddley, snuggly side.

She is very sweet girl and loves to snuggle against my leg while I’m watching TV and likes to lay her head on me while I do yoga.

Sapphire likes the outdoors and we have been on several hikes, she is good on and off leash. She likes other dogs and people but is not pushy. She has a hiking friend and they sniff and romp together. It’s very cute! She does not act 8 years old, she is pretty spunky but happy to lay back and relax. She sleeps in until I get up, what ever time what is, 7 am or 9 am.

She likes to be in the yard with me. She is always pretty close except if I spend too much time in the sun, then she finds some shade. She is never far from me but she is not clingy. She loves to go outside and walk but she is also very happy to be a couch potato.

I leave the door to the yard open so she can go out when ever she would like, and now she does, at first she wanted me to walk down the steps with her. Cleaning up after her is easy because she uses the spot I showed her on her first day here.

Sapphire sleeps in her bed which is on my bed. She snuggles up against me sometimes during the night. I think because it gets cold in the room.

Sapphire is very loving. The lucky person who gives her a forever home will have a wonderful companion. I take her with me very often and she is fine in restaurants, the hardware store, or anywhere you want to go!

We’re delighted to report that Sapphire is currently in a loving and caring home!

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