Longhaired Dachshund
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: In memoriam

From Sally’s fospice mom, Wendy

“I just got home. I helped Sally to the rainbow bridge this morning. She has been deteriorating cognitively for a while, but the past few weeks have been hard, a lot of pacing, falling, panting and moaning. She was having a hard time sleeping, like her brain kept waking her up. She was dragging her right back leg. She’s had an awful past two nights. The vet and the tech and I all agreed it was time. Sally had a lot of dementia, but I know she felt my love. It was when I could offer no comfort to her and that her quality of life was limited to her meals, that I made this decision. I kissed Sally’s snout a thousand times, rescued her from hundreds of corners and tight spaces, and never have I seen such utter delight in eating. I cut up apples and relished in her chomping sounds. Carrots, strawberries, dog cookies. When she was frustrated, I’d kiss her mouth, she’d kiss back and she’d make this noise like, “Mrom, mrom, mrom,” like she was knew I understood. I rubbed her snout and she pushed against my hand and moaned. I picked her up when she slipped and set her back on her feet. I carried her in a pack for walks around the park, and when my back said no, I got a stroller. She loved to go on walks. She was such a gift.

My house is very quiet. I keep expecting to see her lying on one of her beds. When I come home, I move to find her to take her outside and then stop myself. It takes no time at all to bond with a dog. Sally was special, and I loved her so much.

Once again, Sherri, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me once again love a Muttville dog. "

Sally Sally Sally Sally Sally Sally