23 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Rupert is a shy yet friendly lad who will never hog the mic at a wedding reception, but does love to shake things up with the occasional R-rated joke. In addition to working blue, he also loves treats, short walks, and being handsome. Rupert would love to join a home as mellow as he is, preferably kid-free or with older kids who can handle his spicy language without asking awkward questions.

Here are some notes from his foster:

Rupert has been awesome. He is initially tentative (it took us a bit to build up the trust for him to let me pick him up into the car) but after a couple days and lots of treats, now he just wants to be wherever I am!

Rupert’s favorite things are: treats (meat flavored!), naps, and cuddling. He is not an athlete lol. He sometimes (not too often though) likes to protest about going on walks by going into his crate when the leash goes on, but he enjoys himself while we’re out and likes to sniff up to every stranger and dog. He’s not socially timid at all in small groups!

Rupert, so far, doesn’t have any separation issues. I’m gone once or twice a day for an hour or two and I typically come home to Rupert napping. He’s stoked to see me when I get home though. These are the times that you can see that he’s trying to wag his little worm tail but it doesn’t really work properly haha. I think there are some nerve issues with his hips and back legs.

Rupert’s hind issues mean he does have some potty troubles. You can tell has been house trained because when we go on walks, he does pee a lot! Accidents inside do happen, but Rupert is an absolute champion for putting on diapers! Rupert is a unique shape with his very round belly, so medium size washable diapers can be a little small on him. I’m finding the right size still, but the trick that is also working is making suspenders for Rupert. I cut a hole in a diaper and fed an old collar through it that hooks onto the harness. Bonus points: it’s adjustable!

Rupert will appreciate a small, quiet place to sleep, and soft places in each room because he loves to just look at you and fall asleep. It’s super cute!! Other times he wants some “me time” and will go grab a chewable treat and work on it in another room. Either way, 100% of the time with Rupert is super chill, except when his eyes get super big when you pull out a treat – he’s hilarious

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