Retriever, Yellow Labrador/Mix
35 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Everyone in class has a crush on RJ. He’s just so darned handsome. And cool. And nice. This guy is not a mutt; he is what we call a premium blend. He’s Yellow Lab and Jason Priestley and Luke Perry all rolled into one. He’s sweet to all the dogs and people, and loves long walks and hikes. Are you ready to snag this perfect boy?

Here’s some notes from his foster:

We’ve only had RJ for about a day but it’s obvious he is a very good boy! 100% house/potty trained, can go up and down the stairs just fine, hasn’t barked once, and is so very gently when eating treats from your hand.

Whenever you sit down he comes and puts his face in your hands and when he is done with that he will go plop down on his bed and snooze. We finished up a 2 mile walk and he did excellent! Very good with other dogs, including living with our 12 year old grump!

He fit right in immediately and slept the entire night in his bed without any fuss. Whoever adopts him will get a very easy going pup.

We’re delighted to report that RJ is currently in a loving and caring home!