30 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Her name is Rio and she’s pugglicious! Sweet and soulful, this lovely lady is real catch. She’s oh so smart: Rio knows sit, down, shake, spin, roll over and maybe more. She’s so proud of her skills and thrilled to get treats as rewards. Rio is a big fan of snacks and naps. What’s better than having some tasty treats followed by a snooze? We told you she’s smart!

Here a note from her foster!

Rio is a very sweet girl who loves the park and enjoys a good roll in the grass! I took her to the local dog park and she was friendly with all dogs, young and old.

She lounges & naps most of the day, but will have mini zoomies after her dinner. She rarely barks, but she does bark when she hears strange noises outside the window or door.

Rio has a really small bladder or possibly has an incontinence issue. She’s had an accident in the apartment twice, but luckily I’ve learned that when she needs to go, she does this thing where she stares at you and whines like she’s saying, “I NEED TO GO!” Sometimes she does that even after we’ve completed a walk. So she should probably wear a diaper in the house or have easy access to a backyard.

Because of this, I’ve had to walk her 4x a day. Luckily, Rio has no leash reactivity and she is friendly towards all dogs and people. I brought her to my parents’ house and she got along with our little chihuahua just fine. She’s very friendly with all people and got along with my roommates well.

Rio is very food motivated, so be ready for her ‘undivided attention’ when you eat around her! She is ok going up & downstairs, but she does it very slowly. I’ve been carrying her up & down when she shows some signs of fatigue.

She also knows some tricks and is pretty funny about it. She can only do 50% of a “roll over.” LOL!

We’re delighted to report that Rio is currently in a loving and caring home!

Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio Rio

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