10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Rico is a spry little fry with one little eye!

This is a muppet that EVERYONE wants to pet! He may be a senior, but when you see him bopping around with his little ears flopping, you’ll realize that cuteness is not the exclusive domain of the recently born. Rico is ready to meet his loving forever family! Is it you?

Here are some foster notes for Rico:

It was a pleasure having rico he is such a sweet guy! I’d say he’s a total lapdog, loves his naps but also quite active and enjoys longer slower walks. He is very into food and treats, and friendly with people. Dogs are ok too if they are cool & low key like he is :)

I think he’d do best in a home where he has always access to a potty area so he can pop out to do his business every few hours. He’s a quiet, mellow guy, very sweet and cuddly and has lots of love to give!

Rico Rico Rico Rico Rico