Pinscher, Miniature/Mix
11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Ria, a tasty Tootsie Roll of a doglet with fur so lustrous and shiny you can use it to check your teeth after eating chia seeds. Ria might be one leg short of a full set, but that doesn’t stop her from bopping around like a pro with all that perky Min Pin energy. She loves taking long walks, and her sweet personality will have you both making friends with all the dogs and people you meet along the way.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ria is a spunky and confident girl – game for any adventure, but equally willing to take a nap when you need to stay in or leave her behind. She deftly navigates the world on three long legs, easily keeping up on walks (with plenty of sniffing stops and an occasional roll on the grass), tackling stairs and nimbly jumping onto chairs.

She lets you know when she’s happy or has something on her mind, but settles down when told. She can also be easily redirected by a kong with a smear of peanut butter. She’s very affectionate and started giving us gentle kisses within a day. She also enjoys a roughhousing session for good measure.

Ria sleeps next to me when I’m working, and sleeps soundly through the night in her own dog bed. Although she likes being near us, she doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety. She enjoys her meals and all snacks, and patiently lets me wipe her eyes and brush her coat. She gets along with my resident dog, quickly learning that he wouldn’t play with her and turning to toys instead. She might like a playful canine companion who doesn’t mind her bossy tendencies. She would also do well getting all the attention as a solo dog.

We’ve been giving her two 15-30 minute walks a day, but she could easily go on longer walks. She’s been fine with other dogs and people on the street, either ignoring them or giving them a quick sniff. Since wants to chase the cats we see on our walks, she may not be a good match for a cat housemate.

Ria is a stunner with her shiny black coat, tan and white markings, and sleek physique. She’s been a snuggly and lively addition to our home – happy to contently snooze in the sun or tucked in a blanket while remaining on the alert for violations of her ban on hair dryers and human PDA. She would do well with people who appreciate all she brings to the table with her min pin personality.

We’re delighted to report that Ria is currently in a loving and caring home!

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