10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Rava is a very sweet, shy girl who is already starting to enjoy the deluxe emotional spa treatment at Muttville. What’s included, you ask? Bathing and brushing, a stylish harness fitting, top-notch dining, a portrait session with a world-class photographer, social events with other cool senior dogs, and TONS of love and cuddles! Will she get used to this lifestyle? We sure hope so! She deserves every bit of it!

Here are some notes from her foster:

Rava has been such a sweet girl in our home. Some dogs are motivated by food, others are motivated by praise, and Rava is motivated by laps. Her favorite place to be is in our lap, or at least by our side on a soft blanket.

She’s generally pretty low energy, spending a good amount of her time resting. She follows us around from room to room and looks up cutely at us with the most concerned little face. She’s a great walker, barely ever pulling or getting distracted by other dogs.

She is getting the potty training thing down- she pees and poops when we go outside. Also, her favorite treat is cream cheese. Rava has settled into more of a routine and she’s really come out of her shell! She now wags her tail with excitement at the beginning of a walk or when we come home.

She’s the most polite dog we’ve ever met. We have some clutter on the floor that she never touches, and if she tries to eat something on a walk, a simple verbal ah-ah makes her stop. She just wants to please! She’s also polite on leash (never pulls, mostly walks behind us). She sits next to us when we eat dinner on the couch and never tries to eat our food.

She also appears to be very potty trained, after one initial accident, she always tries to pee when we take her out, and poops once a day in the morning. She seems to prefer cement over grass, but will go on grass if you take her there right away.

She likes to sleep in bed with us, and stays curled up in her spot at night. We love her resilience and great personality. She got very scared when we put the cone on her, but forgave us right away and was back for more love. She’s our favorite of the dogs we’ve fostered!"

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