13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

This chihuahua is a beautiful toasted marshmallow puff squishy and soft and delectable. Quinn is a wise gentle soul who uses her powers to evoke all the pets she can. Her eyes will absolutely melt your heart and her ability to make you fall in love with her is uncanny. If you have a sweet tooth or the sudden urge to adopt the most perfect dog grab some Hershey bars and Graham crackers and get yourself the most amazing jet-puff named Quinn!

Here are some notes from her foster:

Just wanted to give you some info on Quinn. She is a complete sweetheart. She gets along with all people and other dogs. She is incredibly timid and does not like being approached. BUT, she is also very snuggly once you are seated. So she loves to sit with you on the couch and sleep next to you in the bed. She is just learning that people aren’t scary! And she is improving everyday.

She is trained to go to the bathroom on Pee pads, yay! She also likes to keep her eye on you, so as you move locations she will follow and find a comfy place. She is quirky and precious and a total gem. He toothless smile, folded ears, stalky body, and wide set from legs make this dog bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Chowder just wants her person to show her that she is home and safe and she will give back love in spades.

We’re delighted to report that Quinn is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Quinn, with his BF, Alex from The Weather Channel!
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