Great Dane
142 lbs (extra large)
Status: Adopted

Let’s say you’re a horse person who loves horses too much to keep them outside at night or sit on their backs telling them what to do all the time. Don’t give up the dream! Adopt Puppy, who is not a puppy but an extra-large black and white spotted Great Dane. He’s perfect for big dog people, small horse people, and people who cannot resist a well-mannered guy who is great with kids, cats, dogs, and probably horses. Folks, he’s house-trained, which, admittedly, is a big plus. He also likes a bit of moderate exercise but isn’t up for stairs. Neither are horses, so no big deal! Meet our gentle giant. Maybe bring a lasso?

Here are some notes from his foster:

He can’t do stairs or climb into a car by himself- but what he can do is be the loveliest dog you could ask for. He is a sensitive, gentle guy who is kind to all creatures of all sizes. As he gets more settled, it turns out he has a silly side too! While his favorite thing seems to be spending time near people, he also enjoys a spot of toy squeaking or stuffie mouthing here and there. He is an earnest walker and loves a stroll, but his back legs aren’t as sturdy as they probably used to be and so going a long way at once isn’t recommended. Puppy is a gem!

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