Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy

Terrier, Pit Bull
42 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

In this Disney classic, which takes place in a senior dog rescue, Daisy is a winsome Pocket Pittie with a freckled nose whose good-natured curiosity, playful nuzzling and lovely manners raise suspicions that she is of royal lineage. And she is! She is Princess Daisy, a sweet, friendly, active, fun-loving girl who kisses indiscriminately and is up for anything, including walks, beach days, brunch dates, and simple pleasures, like providing moral support while you sort, fold and put away the laundry. A quick warning: Her title does not come with a castle, and her enthusiasm is highly infectious.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Happy, bouncy, smiley Princess Daisy is a real mood-lifter. She has got tons of energy and likes to chew squeak toys, play ball with herself, take a peek on the kitchen counter to see if there are any leftovers, roll around on the floor, and if you’re up for it, stride around outside with sniff breaks. So far it’s been raining, so we haven’t done big walks, but I have no doubt she’d be game for a good, long walk.

She’s great with dogs big and small – either ignores them or does a polite sniff. She’s great with people, too – very happy to see visitors male or female.

In new places, she is an insecure little girl who likes to curl up into a nest – a snug little dog bed, a pile of blankets she can arrange, probably a crate though I haven’t tried one. She prefers to sleep in her nest than in your bed, though she’ll sleep wherever you allow. She just likes to be snug. She’ll follow you around at your heels, keeping a little more distance when she feels more secure. The more comfortable she becomes, the more distance she’ll allow.

So far, we’ve had no accidents. I’ve left the back door open for her and she goes outside to do her thing or else on our walks. And she LOVES her food.

Princess Daisy is the kind of dog that people make movies about.

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