15 lbs (small)
Est. age: 8 yrs
Status: Available

Are you staring at your phone wondering how to stop staring at your phone? Maybe thinking of trying one of those offline boot camp things? Unnecessary! All you need is Primrose, a spry and sociable mutt with a genetic inheritance of staggering wealth. The fluff, the curls, the dark eyes framed by perfect brows and some well-placed nose floof – you cannot stop looking, cooing, petting and looking some more. And just when your attention starts to flag, she rolls over for a tum rub and you’re back in the loop. It is a scroll free of doom and full of real life benefits. If you’re looking for joy without wifi, gorgeous Primrose is your gal.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Primrose is still settling in but so far I have observed that she does very well on leash! She is able to go up and down stairs, although at times she is perplexed by them. She is very sweet and loves to be close to her humans!

Primrose Primrose Primrose Primrose Primrose Primrose Primrose