17 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Bouncy ball of fluff Possum can’t wait to bound his way into your lap and your life!

Possum is a friendly and peppy Pom boy with lots of love to give. He adores people and is full of fun. Possum is sure to bring happiness and joy to his furrever family!

Here’s a note from his foster:

What can we say about Possum.. aka..Po except that he is an absolute love and a gentleman.

We nicknamed him “Po” after Kung Fu Panda because he reminds us so much of the character!

He’s a bit chubby, goofy, gentle, uber sweet, and loves to socialize. Possum is also cat-friendly and understands cat language very well.

He seems to be potty trained with the exception of his mild trachea issue which causes him to occasionally cough which makes to wee a little. We keep a bellyband on him in case of any accidents inside the house.

Possum absolutely loves his 2 daily walks and enjoys hanging out at the dog parks as well. This is an absolute requirement for this nature-loving boy. He is great on leash and pretty much stays by your side. Stairs are not a problem with the exception of the steep ones.

He takes his supplements and meds well. He’s not a fan of his diet food but will eat it if there is nothing else. He seems to have lost maybe 1/2 lb. so far and seems happier and a bit more agile because of it. :)

When Possum gets excited, he can get a little vocal and begins to pant heavily which doesn’t help with his trachea thing. If you pet him calmly, he settles right down. He wants to please!

Of course, Possum absolutely loves pets and cuddles.

Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum Possum

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