4 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Popcorn is the chihuahua-lover’s chihuahua! Don’t let his small stature fool you: this little snack has a jumbo-sized personality! Boasting a beautiful, butter-colored coat, Popcorn would have been a top contender on America’s Next Top Model in another life – he rocks any and all outfits you put on him and his smeyes would put Tyra Banks to shame (seriously – have you seen his photos?!) Popcorn is a vocal nugget that enjoys being loved on, lounging in the sun, and looking cute. He is friendly with humans and pups and is ready to be your sweetest best friend. You + Popcorn: butter together.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Popcorn is a sweet, funny little character. Excellent appetite and digestion. He’s a confident walker on the street but a little wary on dirt or grass (backyard). Stairs are a challenge for him, but we’ve been working on it with a 3 step velour set.

Sleeps like a little snorty angel; by your feet, under your arms with his snout in the air or under your chin.

Working on a potty schedule, he’s used the pads a couple of times. I feel like he has not had a routine in the past, so we go first thing in the morning, I carry him down my 3 flights of stairs to the backyard. Then we have a couple of walks with my dog and he just follows her lead.

He’s gotten along very well with my terrier who is a little on the jealous side but she came around to him and let him sleep on her tummy yesterday! She also barks a lot but he does not take the bait. He did vocalize quite a bit on a walk yesterday when we ran into a cute little dog; Popcorn was beside himself with joy. Speaking of joy, he loves to play with toys and balls; runs like a little champ.

He will make anyone’s dream come true. Be the butter to his Popcorn!

We’re delighted to report that Popcorn is currently in a loving and caring home!

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