Terrier, Cairn/Mix
18 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Pollyanna is a scruffimuffin gem! Her sweet face and lovely personality are completely endearing; she’s a pleasure to be around Pollyanna has a charming old lady shuffle, slow and steady, and enjoys walking along with her people and exploring new smells on sniffaris. Take her for short walks, and give her lots of pets and a cozy bed and you’ll have a very happy gal.

Here’s a note from her foster family!

Pollyanna is super sweet and super gentle. Her favorite hobby is becoming your shadow and following you wherever you go! For the most part she likes napping close to wherever you are but she still enjoys short walks outside! Occasionally she gets super energetic and walks with the energy of a young pup but most of the time you’ll likely have to walk a little more slowly for her to catch up.

She did have a few accidents on the first few days at our home but now she does most of her business outdoors next to her favorite tree. For food preference, she likes wet food especially since her dental health isn’t great so she has trouble chewing kibble or harder treats. She also particularly likes chicken flavored treats and wet food (especially chicken flavored pill pockets).

Polly does have weak joints and poor hearing, so she can’t go up or down stairs and doesn’t respond much to noise (if you call her name for example). She also has a little separation anxiety if she sees you leaving and she can’t follow but normally naps it off soon after.

Overall, Pollyanna is a sweet senior gal who enjoys life in the slow(er) lane.

We’re delighted to report that Pollyanna is currently in a loving and caring home!

Pollyanna Pollyanna Pollyanna Pollyanna Pollyanna Pollyanna Pollyanna

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