5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Your current shadow is fine, but does it cuddle with you? When you gaze longingly at it, does it gaze back? Meet Pirouette, the latest update in shadow technology. She will remain completely attached to you just like previous models, but can also do much more. She is friendly, polite, and has the most adorable apple-shaped noggin. Pirouette is also teeny and portable, so you can take her everywhere!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Meet Perfect Pocket Princess Pirouette (P for short). P is SO SO SO CUTE, and a perfect blend of sweet loving sugar and a lil hint of sass (but in the funniest/best way)! She is so agile, does great on stairs, and loves to leap onto my couch and hang out on her throne (2 pillows) to overlook her kingdom.

She loves to walk and goes as fast as her tiny legs will let her. But when she’s over it she’ll put her front paws on your legs to alert you she is ready to be held. She likes to take charge and confidently lead the way, even if she has no idea where she is going (but she’ll turn around every few seconds to make sure you’re still exploring with her!).

Speaking of taking charge, if you’re giving her some pets and she wants more, she’ll let you know by putting her paw on your hand (& trust me, you can’t say no to her adorable face). She LOVES being held and snuggling, but has no problem curling up independently either. Her night time sleep preference is to be curled up right next to you. When she sees you after she wakes up from a nap, she does a cute tail wag & gives you kisses to show her happiness!

She is a curious gal, and likes to intently look out windows if she’s not snuggled in my lap or at my feet while I work. She hasn’t shown much interest in her foster brother, but so far they are co existing quite well by mutually ignoring each other (and even though he is only 13 lbs, she is so tiny that it makes him seem like a great dane). She does seem a little nervous of bigger dogs on our walks, but I think she would be fine with proper socialization. She barked a little when I came home, but immediately stopped when she realized it is me. Besides that, We haven’t heard a peep from our lil P!

If you’re looking for a pocket princess that is a sweet love bug with a lil hint of sass, Pirouette is your girl

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