5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Who loves the sun? Pique does!

This teeny tiny gent adores soaking up rays while taking a good long snooze. Sounds delightful! Wee Pique is a scruffy chi; does that make him a scruffhuahua? Whatever he is, he’s very cute! And to top it all off, he’s sweet! What a great little guy!

Here’s what his foster has to say:

Pique does love the sun. He will wander all over the house looking for a spot on the floor. He then follows the spot as it moves through the morning. If he is not sitting in the sun he can be found in his bed.

He is a professional sleeper that loves his bed and max relaxing!

Pique loves to watch you cook. He will follow you around waiting for something to drop. He will start running and bouncing up and down when he thinks food is involved. Could he be any cuter!?

We’re delighted to report that Pique is currently in a loving and caring home!

Pique Pique Pique Pique Pique

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